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Pragtical v3.1.0 Release

· 2 min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

This release introduces a newer project handling API which breaks compatibility with plugins that interacted with the old one. All affected official plugins were ported to the new API so make sure to update them. Some of them are: lsp, scm, console, editorconfig, gitopen, gitstatus, gofmt, smartopenselected and todotreeview.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log

New Features

  • Merged project rework with fixes and performance improvements (ce5e8db4)


  • Merged documentation for core.dirwatch (#1565)

  • Merged documentation for core.contextmenu (#1567)

Backward Incompatible Changes

  • Project handling functions have been completely replaced as explained on (#1455)


  • settings: respect disabled plugins on lua modules (c2ffe3e2)

  • plugin workspace: delay workspace loading (41e5caa0)

  • Fix autoreload plugin bugs and performance issues (ec0ae57f)

Other Changes

  • Merged feat(src/renderer): unify fontgroup baseline (#1560)

  • Merged and customized use Lua wrap by default (#1481)

  • Updated all meson wraps to latest versions

  • comment typo in data/core/init.lua (#1549)

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • Fix #1538 log scrolls automatically (the real PR) (#1546)

  • Skip checking files if no filename was provided to syntax.get (8a8bd2f9)

  • Changed log view settings (#266)

  • Allow setting custom glyphset size (#1542)

  • style(src/renderer): use FreeType header names (#1554)

  • Return state when tokenizing plaintext syntaxes (b6ac4f1e)

  • feat(src/renderer): stream fonts with SDL_RWops on all platforms (#1555)

  • Updated extension for mac. (#1563)

  • Documentation for core.command (#1564)

Full Changelog: