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Pragtical v3.1.1 Release

· 2 min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

This release fixes improper absolutes path treatment when opening files and introduces some other small improvements as new meson setup options. The new meson setup options are extra_colors and extra_languages which are set to true by default and will allow downloading additional languages and color schemes to be included on the meson install step.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log

New Features

  • Merged Windows dark title bar theme support from lite-xl/lite-xl#514 with some changes to make it less invasive (7ca48a83)

  • Introduced new color schemes yaru and yaru_dark

Build System

  • CI Latest Builds: switched from debug to debugoptimized (cf880c5a)

  • Added widget as a meson subproject (bdddc4c6)

  • Added colors and languages as meson subproject (111ca76f)


  • Fixed common.relative_path() doc comments (f44f10fa)

UI Enhancements

  • Added GUI for treeview show hidden/ignored (64eee3d3)


  • Do not append cwd to absolute files on startup (853e6b76)

Other Changes

  • Added compat for lua 5.4 userdata (uv) functions (e048a9c8)

  • Refactored core.project into a core.object (a5df5be8)

    • Added doc comments
    • Exposed compile_ignore_files() as a method
  • Recompile ignore patterns when changed from gui (c3edcafc)

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • Normalize stroke before adding keybind (#1334)
  • Make DocView aware of scrollbars sizes (#1177)

Full Changelog: