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Pragtical v3.4.1 Release

ยท One min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

This quick minor release introduces some more enhancements and fixes for annoyances found while testing other stuff, most of them are triggered in some edge cases but still, they were causing an itch ๐Ÿ˜„

Some nice additions are: better restoration of window size on startup which was causing me headaches on wayland, support for autocompletion of preprocessor symbols on C/C++ and fallback detection of UTF-16/32 when no encoding was detected.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Logโ€‹


  • If no surface return on font_render_glyph (#114)

  • Restore support for tokenizer empty matches with subsyntax (#111)

  • If encoding detect fails check if UTF-16/32 LE/BE (#115)


  • Better matching of placeholder chars (_) on lua (#112)

  • Better restore of window mode/size on startup (#113)

  • Added custom symbols pattern to language c and cpp (#116)

  • autocomplete: strip punctuations from partials (#117)

Full Changelog: