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Pragtical v3.1.2 Release

· 2 min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

This release introduces a new widgets based welcome screen:


It also features compatibility changes to properly work with the terminal plugin, and includes the accumulated bug fixes listed below as new color schemes.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log

New Features

  • Syntax files symbol_pattern, non_word_chars props (#12)

  • New Welcome Screen - Converted emptyview to widget with additions (e08f1b18)


  • Fixes #10 by using the scrollbar expanded size (#11)

  • Fix core:open-file to not be dependant on chdir (47bfcb07)

  • Respect coroutines redraw requests while on focus (f450b612)

  • Do not process clicks on contextmenu divider (#22)

  • Fixed issue with open file command (d8906c21)

  • MacOS: allow combining cmd+ctrl and replace alt with option (0674f1f5)


  • Improvements to language_css (f2a0790d)

  • Better compat math.{tointeger|type|ult} for luajit (80bce6c0)

  • Added Mike Pall bitops library to non jit lua for consistency (5efc02a8)

  • Use native bit operators on Lua >= 5.3 (10cecbec)

  • Highlight CUDA source code the same as C++ (#15)

UI Enhancements

  • statusview: separate item for doc position percent lite-xl/lite-xl#1579

  • Highlight default theme on settings ui, fixes #23 (cd7181df)

  • treeview: do not show hidden files by default (ecda0a0a)


  • Added new Yaru dark and light theme (5fa3cc13)

  • Improvements to tokyo-night (551c351d)

  • Added solarized_dark theme (b9791efa)

  • Improvements to Monokai themes (79264c47)

Build System


  • Widget: delay RootView require
  • ListBox: rendering fixes
  • Skip ctrl+wheel by default, better tooltip remove
  • Fix floating ListBox rows offset
  • ListBox: horizontal scroll support
  • SelectBox: hide list when clicking outside
  • Better handle ctrl modkey state
  • Make widgets inherit name from parent (#2)
  • Give selectbox container same name as the selectbox (#1)

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • Normalize strokes in fixed order (#1572)

  • fix(core): defer core:open-log until everything is loaded (#1585)

  • Fix scrollbar misinterpreting percent (#1587)

  • Fix returned percent when clicking the Scrollbar track (e07ea0fe)

  • Adds super as a modkey. (#1590)

  • Add NaN guard to View:update_scrollbar (aa0d6f6c)

  • Fixed C++14 digit separators (#1593)

  • Fix Scrollbar.{expanded,contracted}_size documentation (70245ba0)

Full Changelog: