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Pragtical v3.2.0 Release

· 3 min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

This release introduces a new CLI api and bundles the plugin manager by default:


It also incorporates various bug fixes both from upstream and our side.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log

New Features

  • CLI parser API (#28)

  • Bundle the plugin manager as a meson subproject and new plugins button as part of the welcome screen (#33)

  • Allow console output on windows (#37)


  • Some overwrite mode fixes:

    • Overwrite mode only on single character input (32f23027)
    • Overwrite mode only when no text selected (ae0d3502)
  • Fixed IPC plugin shmem not detected on MacOS (3cb3bf08)

  • Fix node resizing on touch events (lite-xl/lite-xl#1657)

  • Call process.__gc() when restarting on LuaJIT (3066f278)

  • Set a minimum window size to prevent sizing issues (c87ae559)

  • Fix an shmem segfault triggered on macOS (#44)

  • Check in autocomplete plugin if doc cached on symbols iterator (6546ee8c)

  • Fix editor crash on invalid UTF-8 (#38)


  • Improve toggle fullscreen using previous win state (c108b2d0)

  • Added document types and app category to Mac bundle (418e92f8)

  • Added defaults for the 'tag' highlight group (better evergreen support) (cfc96634)

Build System

  • Switch luajit wrap to git branch v2.1 (05e778d1)

  • Do no check for X11 presence on macOS (5e518511)

  • Added luajit meson support for msvc (#43)

Other Changes

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • fix: dim rendering when antialiasing is turned off (#1641)

  • Mark unsaved named files as dirty (#1598)

  • Improve common.serialize (#1640)

  • Ignore keypresses during IME composition (#1573)

  • Save in the workspace unsaved named files and crlf status (#1597)

  • ci: fix diff files having "wrong" path separator (#1648)

  • Set SDL hint to prefer software render driver (#1646)

  • fix(dirmonitor): deadlock if error handler jumps somewhere else (#1647)

  • Sanitize tab index in Node:add_view (#1651)

  • ease transparency of nagbar dim (#1658)

Full Changelog: