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Pragtical v3.2.1 Release

· 2 min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

This release introduces project wide search and replace support:


It also incorporates various bug fixes both from upstream and our side.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log

New Features

  • Added project wide search and replace support (#48)

  • Added config.line_endings support to settings gui (c487a19f)


  • Obtain symbols pattern/nonword-chars for subsyntax (#45)

  • Build: system_iconv is needed on windows fixes #46 (#47)

  • search_ui: set filepicker path on project-search:find (d8e51e54)

  • search_ui: do not set filepicker if path nil (6a5c9547)

  • Use cmalloc instead of malloc on render init (#51)

  • Check tokenizer state to prevent issues with evergreen (#52)


  • Remove recent projects that no longer exists (#49)

  • Prettify the session file output for easy reading (#50) (#50)

  • Reload applicable opened docs on project search/replace (bf471672)


  • Added SearchReplaceList widget (#3)

  • SearchReplaceList: truncate long results (e54e8766)

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • Fix editing after undo not clearing the change id (#1574)

  • Fix patterns starting with ^ in tokenizer (#1645)

  • Fix dirmonitor sorting issues (#1599)

  • Fix language_js regex constant detection (#1581)

  • Use x offset to define render command rect in rencache_draw_text (#1618)

  • feat(process): allow commands and envs on proces_start (#1477)

  • Use \r\n for new files on Windows (#1596)

  • fix nagbar failed save message (#1678)

  • Fixed a minor bug, should close issue (#1680)

  • turn window_renderer into managed pointer (#1683)

Full Changelog: