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Pragtical v3.2.2 Release

· 2 min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

Some of the changes for this release include: drops findfileimproved plugin merging the threading functionality directly into findfile plugin, introduces code that respects config.file_size_limit on various components of the editor and updates SDL2 meson wrap to latest.

It also incorporates various bug fixes both from upstream and our side.

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log


  • Fix project module sometimes not loading. (#54)

  • Correct the runtime environment variable (#55)

  • Use unique GUID for the inno setup installer (#58)

  • Null check file_info on core.open_doc (4418bb6c)


  • Merge findfileimproved into findfile plugin and made the loading text update smoother. (#53)

  • Update thread initialization code to match main (#56)

  • Update macOS icons to be more close to apple guidelines (#57)

  • Limit max bytes read when detecting file encoding (#59)

  • Respect config.file_size_limit on some components (#60)

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • Fix doc:create-cursor-previous/next-line with tabs (#1697)

  • Memory fixes (#1705)

  • Improve number highlighting for python syntax highlighting (#1704)

  • reorder nagview options on doc:save error to be more consistent with other nagview confirmations (#1696)

  • autoreload docs only if their filename matches an actual file (#1698)

  • language_js: support binary and octal representation (#1710)

  • process: style changes (#1709)

  • Add system.setenv (#1706)

Full Changelog: