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Pragtical v3.3.0 Release

· One min read
Jefferson Gonzalez

Prominent changes on this release include: adaptive sizing of autocomplete box, TreeView horizontal scrollbar support, TreeList widget and performance improvements.

TreeList Widget for LSP Symbols


Adaptive Sizing Autocomplete

Downloads on GitHub.

Changes Log


  • Expose renderer.font.get_metadata() as a method, documented it, etc... (#64)

  • Expose get_partial_symbol on autocomplete plugin (for LSP) (#66)

  • Increase mod version from 3.3.1 to 3.4.0 (also because of new system.setenv) (#68)


  • Fix modversion matching to align with semver (#71)


  • Enable horizontal scrollbar on treeview plugin (#63)

  • Added adaptive sizing to autocomplete plugin (#67)

Build System

  • Removed no longer needed microtar subproject (#70)


  • Optimize SearchReplaceList collapse/uncollapse (#4)

  • FontDialog: use the font metadata preview text if available (#5)

  • Added new TreeList widget (#6)

Performance Improvements

  • Merged: glyphset loading optimization for faster font loading (#1543)

Lite XL Inherited Changes

  • process: fix unitialized variables (#1719)

  • Added .pyi extension to python. (#1728)

Full Changelog: