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This is a non-exhaustive list of people that contributed to Pragtical. You can get the contributors for a particular release on the release page.

rxiDevelopment of the original lite editor.
FrancescoCreator of lite-xl fork from rxi/lite.
AdamMaintainer, renderer enhancements, multi-language syntax highlighting and many other improvements.
GuldomanMaintainer, IME support, various bug fixes and performance improvements.
Jefferson GonzálezLSP and widget toolkit, syntax highlighting improvements and many other contributions.
TakaseNagView, Process API improvements and various bug fixes for Windows.
redtideContinuous integration, build scripts and the website.
JanBuild system maintenance, dirmonitor improvements and bug fixes.
JipokText editing improvements and bug fixes.
liquidevTab style and animations improvements.
CukmekerbSyntax highlighting improvements.
Nils KvistPopup window replacement with CommandView dialog.
George LinkovskymacOS bug fixes.
TorchedSammyVarious plugins and UI improvements.
Janis-LeuenbergerAdd keymap bindings help file and macOS testing.
Mat MarianiHelp for macOS port. Some resources taken from mathewmariani/lite-macos.
daubarisInitial implementation of Xft.dpi query using xrdb command.
Robert ŠtojsContinuous integration configuration.
Aqil ContractorText rendering enhancement, bug hunter and tester.