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Can I get smart autocompletion (intellisense/LSP)?

Check out the lsp plugin.

Where is the integrated terminal?

Work is being done on the terminal plugin which is the most feature complete terminal plugin at the moment. You can install it directly from within the plugin manager of the editor.

Tabs and indent size?

In your user config (the cog icon in the file tree):

config.tab_type = "soft" -- soft for spaces, hard for real tabs (\t)
config.indent_size = 4 -- 4 spaces

How to enable line wrapping?

You can enable line wrapping by pressing F10, alternatively hard wrapping is supported via autowrap plugin.

How to bind commands to keys?

local keymap = require "core.keymap"
keymap.add { ["ctrl+escape"] = "core:quit" }

How to unbind commands for certain keys?

-- the second parameter lets you override commands for certain keys
-- in this case it maps it to nothing
keymap.add({ ["ctrl+escape"] = {} }, true)

How to get commands for those keybinds?

You can search for commands in the command palette.

For each command, replace the spaces on the right side with dashes.

For example: Core: Find Commandcore:find-command

What version of Lua does Pragtical use?

LuaJIT using compat-5.3 for compatbility on the C api and user space up to Lua 5.3 with the exception of missing bit operators. The editor should also compile with latest versions of Lua 5.4

Vim mode?

You need to vibe.

Where's feature X? How about Y?

You can get more info in Features.