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Installing Pragtical on macOS is simple: just download a DMG file from our releases page, open it and drag the program into your Applications folder. Make sure to follow the steps explained below.

Launch the App

Since Pragtical binary builds are not signed you will need to follow these steps when running it for the first time:

Method 1

  1. Find Pragtical in Finder (do not open it in Launchpad).
  2. Control-click Pragtical, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.
  3. Click Open in the popup menu.

The correct steps may vary between macOS versions, so you should refer to the macOS User Guide.

Method 2

If Method 1 doesn't works, an easier and faster way is to clear the App attributes. To do so open the terminal and run

xattr -cr /Applications/

Afterwards, you should be able to launch Pragtical normally.