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We provide installers and zip archives for Windows. You can get them from GitHub releases.

  1. Download the Pragtical installer from the release page.
  2. Run the installer and install Pragtical.

Alternatively, you may download the zip archive, extract it and run it directly.

Portable application

The installer provides a "Portable Mode" checkbox which can be used to extract Pragtical into a directory. If this mode is enabled, the installer will not allow user to uninstall Pragtical from the Settings / Control Panel. Users can just delete the installation folder.

32-bit support

We also provide a 32-bit installer for Pragtical. A zip archive is also available.

32-bit version of Pragtical is not actively tested for bugs.

Due to a lack of testers, we've only been able to test whether the code can compile on a 32-bit system. This does not mean that Pragtical may run correctly.